Cables carrying systems

Metalmobile offers a complete range of cables carrying systems for electrical cables and air supply, hydraulic, refrigerant lines. Metalmobile cables carrying systems are used in the packaging machines and grinding centres. Metalmobile cables carrying systems guarantee the rational and safe distribution of the cables and are an excellent example of the Italian style.


Wide range and extensive assortment

Metalmobile cables carrying systems are available in 6 different sections from 70x60 mm to 300x200 mm, with a great assortment of components: fixed and adjustable sections, curves in three dimensions – adjustable as well – , inside cables/ pipes dividers; joint, adapters, reductions, gaskets, flasks, flanges and fittings.


Immediate availability and full professional service

Metalmobile full service includes more than 3000 items always in stock; integrated cabling systems with visible marking showing the assembling sequences to ease the job of on-site machine builders; pre-assembly validation service; internal painting shops and in house design of special flanges and adaptors for direct customised connection to the machine centers.


Lay-in wireway assembling system

Metalmobile cables carrying systems are designed with the lay-in wireway system that allows their on-site installation around the wiring without the need to disconnect them.