High-end metal shelving

An everlasting investment


A custom-made project

Metalmobile metal shelving are tailor-made products designed to optimize up to the last cm of the available space, even in presence of recesses, trusses, or columns. Surface finishing and colors are fully customizable and will perfectly match your internal design.


A modular unit system with great number of options.

You can move, add and transform shelves, your space can be re-designed very easily. A complete range of accessories including suspended shelving sides, clothes hanging bars, frames with doors will allow to meet any particular need.


High strenght and robustness

With a load bearing capacity of 300 kg per square meter, Metalmobile shelving are ideal for archival and storage purposes. Special metal furniture and shelving in stainless steel are also available, in particular for hospital and industrial sector or the food industry.

After-sale service ensured

If you need to enlarge the warehouse or just add a shelf, you will easily find the necessary additional parts and get the best assistance that only an Italian industry leader like Metalmobile can offer.